Common questions

Can I attend a meeting if I am still using?

Yes, come along that's how many of us got clean;  through regular attendance and seeing others do it the courage and resolve to stop grew within us 

Is NA religious?

Short answer no. NA is not a religious organisation, nor does it discriminate against anyone holding religious, spiritual or secular views, you are free to believe, or not believe, anything you want. Though some of our meetings are held in church halls it is simply because they are available, amenable and affordable. We have no affiliation with any of these establishments we simply rent rooms as do many other community organisations. 

​Though the word God is mentioned in the literature, it could be considered a nick-name for anything that you choose as your higher power. Having a power greater than you is important in the process of Recovery. A lot of members choose the power of the group and the support network they build by coming regularly.

Is Narcotics Anonymous solely for Opiate users?

Absolutely not. it's not a specific drug which defines addicts, it's whether we have an addictive personality.

How does NA work?

Narcotics Anonymous believes one of the cornerstones of its success is the therapeutic value of addicts working with each other to achieve recovery. In meetings members regularly share their personal experiences with each other, not as professionals but as ordinary people who have discovered that sharing brings about solutions to their problems.

NA teaches basic spiritual principles such as honesty, open-mindedness, trust, willingness, and humility that may be applied in everyday life. The specific practical application of spiritual principles is determined by each individual. Recovery in NA is not a miracle cure that happens within a given period of time. It is a process, ongoing and personal. Members make an individual decision to join and recover at their own pace.

Does NA provide Detox facilities?

NA is simply about one addict helping another to get and stay clean. We simply share what has worked for us.

Narcotics Anonymous has no professional therapists, no residential facilities and no clinics. What we do have is over 1000 weekly meetings taking place in person and online here in the UK, this represents many thousands of once desperate addicts living a drug free and productive life with the support of their fellow recovering addicts.

Will it work for me?

Only one way to find out and that's give it a try ! Most of us thought we were different but then discovered, after attending meetings that we weren't and subsequently concluded that coming along was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Where can I find out more about NA?

One of the best ways to get any questions answered is to attend one of our meetings and ask questions after the meeting. Check out the meetings section

The NA Helpline is open 10am to midnight and will be answered by a NA member 0300 999 1212

The 'Useful Literature' page has lots more info.